Franklin Visits Red Apple Farm in Massachusetts


ray-and-appleI went to Red Apple Farm with my family in Phillipston, Massachusetts on August 28th. When we got there I found bunnies – there were three of them. Then we decided to walk around the farm. I saw a loose bunny red-apple-farmhopping around, and my dad found a really big apple that he pretended to eat. Soon after that I found sheep, goats, cows, horses, donkeys and pigs. We stopped to pat them.

The owner of the farm talked with us about the solar panels and windmills on the property. These are used to create renewable energy.

Tpighen we went to pick apples from the farm and I ate one. After that we went to the store and I got honey sticks. My brother purchased an apple soda. I tried some and it was yummy. Then I saw chickens when I came out of the store.

To learn more about Red Apple Farm, visit

18 thoughts on “Franklin Visits Red Apple Farm in Massachusetts

  1. Lucas, I like that Franklin isn’t camera shy! That is a great picture of you both. It sounds like there was so much to do farm. What was your favorite thing? Would you want to live on a farm someday?


  2. Hi Lucas! Great post!! We haven’t been to Maine yet; we’ll have to put the Red Apple Farm on our list of places to visit. I grew up in Northern California; if you ever get there, and you want to visit another Apple Farm, I suggest visiting Apple Hill and High Hill Ranch! They are in Camino, CA… Oh and Fall is the best time! (Hot Apple Pie and Hot Apple Cider …Love it!!)

    I look forward to following your blog! Kudo’s! Great job on your post and also being an encouragement to other kids to do the same! I posted to your mom a few places to share your blog. I hope that you get lots of “Followers”!

    Make it a great day!!


  3. I was there too its a cool place


  4. Lucas, Your page looks great! I loved learning about the solar power and wind power with you along with eating some apples! I look forward to making more journeys with you!


  5. Hi Lucas! I loved reading about the Red Apple Farm. Did you ride the horses or did you get to pat them? (or is it pet them? hmmmm) I have never heard of apple soda. Is it like apple cider? I can’t wait to keep reading! How does Franklin like traveling?


  6. Hi Lucas, Don’t know if you got my message about your blog post cause I didn’t realize that we could post comments on the blog until after I read Jacob’s blog. I enjoyed reading your post. I’ll try to find the message and send it again. xo


  7. I like your blog post, Lucas. Good job! Can you tell me a little more about the different kind of animals that you saw and about all the different flavors of honey that were in those honey sticks? Which flavor was your favorite?


  8. Dear Grammy – The pigs were playing in the mud and cows were eating hay. My favorite honey stick was sour apple .


  9. Lucas, great blog post! Can you describe what kind of apple you had and what it tasted like?


  10. Hi Lucas! It is Mrs. Katz from BMS. I finally am connected to your blog. I am going to have it linked on the class computer and offer students to read it during our daily silent reading time. If it ok with you they can post a question about what they read. I will make sure they let you know who is writing since it will all look like it is from me I’ll also make sure you don’t get hundreds of posts to reply to! Your post left me wondering how an apple farm uses energy from solar panels and wind mills? Is it for farm use or are they also ‘farming’ power?


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  12. Hi, Lucas, its Connor. Everything looks really really fun.


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