Franklin Visits Red Apple Farm in Massachusetts

ray-and-appleI went to Red Apple Farm with my family in Phillipston, Massachusetts on August 28th. When we got there I found bunnies – there were three of them. Then we decided to walk around the farm. I saw a loose bunny red-apple-farmhopping around, and my dad found a really big apple that he pretended to eat. Soon after that I found sheep, goats, cows, horses, donkeys and pigs. We stopped to pat them.

The owner of the farm talked with us about the solar panels and windmills on the property. These are used to create renewable energy.

Tpighen we went to pick apples from the farm and I ate one. After that we went to the store and I got honey sticks. My brother purchased an apple soda. I tried some and it was yummy. Then I saw chickens when I came out of the store.

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