Halloween Fantasy Trail at Wenzel Farm

On Halloween Eve I went on the Halloween Fantasy Trail at Wenzel Farm in Oregon City, OR and it was really spooky.2014-10-30 20.07.28

The first thing we went through was an arch. In the arch there was a witch and an annoying skeleton head. It copied everything you said.

Then you walk inside a house with a guy in a cage and picture frames on the wall. The pictures change as you walk by. After, you go into the pirate’s maze where there are a lot of pirates. At the end of the pirate’s maze there was a suspension bridge; it was really bouncy.

2014-10-30 20.32.34Then you go to a stopping point where you hear Halloween songs. Next you go to a jail where you go through a tunnel with people in cages in the prison. When you get out there is a crooked house that leads to Porky the Pig and the Three Bears having a good Halloween.

Last but not least, we went into a castle with flashing lights and monsters that try to scare you. Then you exit and get doughnuts.

I would recommend this place. It’s not that scary and it’s for all ages. I would probably do it again.